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About Salim Admon

A member of the Strategic Financial Group in Los Angeles since 2005, Salim Admon 
possesses the resources and expertise to help clients prepare for any financial issue 
that may arise. As part of the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Mr. Admon is 
able to offer a premier line of insurance products, as well as a wide array of 
financial planning services. In his first four years with the company, Mr. Admon 
earned the company’s Western regional award for the most productive new representative.

Salim Admon helps his clients make provisions for a debilitating long-term injury or 
illness, offering multiple disability insurance options. Through the Northwestern 
Mutual Financial Network, Mr. Admon offers risk-management solutions including 
long-term health concerns. In addition to assisting individuals, Mr. Admon provides 
insurance solutions for business owners, including disability overhead expense and 
key-person protection plans. He also offers other risk-management solutions that 
protect one's family in the event of a premature death and mitigate the risk of 
outliving one's retirement resources.

Although the guidance of a qualified financial advisor is an integral component to any 
financial planning strategy, Salim Admon also offers an array of tools for individuals 
to begin the assessment process on his website, Among other 
documents available to download, Mr. Admon offers “A Guide to the Future,” where 
clients can assemble information about the state of their finances such as the value 
of savings bonds and stocks, as well as record any final wishes and retirement plans. 
Through tools such as these, Mr. Admon hopes to draw prospective clients’ attention to 
financial matters they may have not previously considered. 

Salim Admon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Packaging Engineering from Michigan 
State University. He graduated with honors in 2000, after balancing his academics with 
his participation on the university’s soccer team. Mr. Admon remains a member of the 
school’s Alumni Association. Active in his community as well, Salim Admon supports the 
Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the 
Bet Tzedek House of Justice, which is one of the country’s foremost legal service 
organizations, providing free assistance to senior citizens in the Los Angeles area who 
cannot afford proper legal representation.

Salim Admon is also a food and wine enthusiast who enjoys spending time with his family 
at their home in Sherman Oaks, California.
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